How much does it cost to buy plays for Spotify?

Suppose you are an artist or a musician on Spotify and want followers or plays. In that case, you can go to various and different offers for different services for different platforms with a different price range and guarantee that no spam or bot will happen. The standard price for Spotify plays for $4 for 1,000 plays.

Listing some of the different sites to buy 50000 Spotify plays:

  1. Spotify Fame:-  

Spotify Fame is one website you can consider if you want to increase the number of plays, likes, comments, subscribers etc., on Spotify and other platforms. This is one of the popular platforms to grow and promote your track; this service may help to gain some credibility.

Spotify Fame has different prices for all services at affordable prices. Do not need a big budget for this service. You also get customer care service if you need any help in delivery, etc. for $78.45, you can get 50,000 plays on Spotify.

  1. Getviral:-

 Getviral as the company name itself suggest or offers services that can help you get viral; Spotify buys purchasing services from here. You can buy plays for Spotify; the price for Spotify starts at $6.99 for 1,000 plays.

  1. socialpros:- 

Socialpros give confidence that they have excellent Instagram services. This provides you with accurate results and claims no scam can take place that will spam you with bots and fake followers. You get genuine followers. Besides Instagram, you can also purchase plays for Spotify; the beginning price for plays is $6.99 for 1,000 plays.


viewsExpert knows how many followers can boost your social media presence by purchasing stats. It utilizes an extensive network to make the result you paid for. There are various platforms which view expert support, even Spotify. The musician can buy stats from Spotify. The starting rate of Spotify plays $4 for 1,000 plays.

  1. socialpackage:-

socialpackage, this following website is the social package, net; this site claims high-quality services meant to help you experience growth on various platforms. There are many packages for different platforms. You can go on the chat option on the website with customer care support. You can get all information if in doubt. If you want to purchase Spotify Plays, the starting package costs just $3 for 500 plays.

  1. socialRush:-

 socialRush is a popular website for social media users. And also works for other platforms like Spotify and YouTube. You can purchase followers and plays at an affordable range on this site. From 1,000 plays to 100k plays, the price is $4.99 and $269.99

  1. SocialRush

SocialRush is a popular choice among social media users. It’s beautiful for sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube; Spotify is no different. Here you may buy Spotify streams and followers at a reasonable price. It claims to increase attention and income by increasing engagement.

There are various options to choose from if you wish to buy Spotify streams. Streams ranging from 1,000 to 100k plays are available for purchase, with prices ranging between $4.99 and $269.99.

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